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Association, created in 1927

… “to be aware of, defend or fight for any matter compromising the port of Rouen, its competitiveness and its future ”.

Président : Christian BOULOCHER - Managing Director : Pierre-Marie HÉBERT

The UPR has over 130 member companies including :

Shipowners and shipping agents
Transport companies
Companies providing manpower and stevedores.

The characteristics of each these members can be very different :
They may be independent local companies or part of a national or international group. Some provide general services; others specialise in a particular product or mode of handling:

various port service suppliers (pilotage, towage, mooring/unmooring,
Ship’s chandler, checks and controls, storage, insurance,…
Other industries installed in the port or its immediate area.

Some of these companies are competitors ; others have a client-supplier relationship.

One of the roles of the UPR is to encourage them to work together, and to collaborate in the promotion of their common interests and objectives in the medium and long term.

They all come from the private sector.

The UPR ensures the defence and promotion of the collective interests of its members outside the immediate environment and with regard to the local and national authorities, be it :

Economical (Chamber of Commerce, different public institutions, French Rail),

Administrative (Customs, Maritime Affairs, Port Authority),

or political (town council, departmentmental or regional authorities, the State or the European Union).

The UPR also offers various other services to its members, namely :

Human resources
Professional training, both initial and continuous.
Over 70029 hours of training were given in 2013-2014, 739 people being trained by the Private Centre of vocational training of the UPR (CPFP).

Recruitment assistance in collaboration with the local unemployment agency.

Working Conditions
Industrial medical services; more than 3000 people receive their yearly check-up by the UPR's Medical Centre.
Promotion of security and hygiene in the workplace. Programme defined in collaboration with the CRAM (Regional Accident Insurance).

Port Data Processing
The local computer network connects nearly 60 port operators, exchange more than 302713 computer messages per year. This common data processing called AP+ is also linked to the customs computer system (DELTA). It was the first system of its kind installed in France.

Analysis and management of specific projects concerning
Social issues with regard to dockers.
Definition of tariffs for port dues, pilotage and towage.
National issues.